Checking The Boxes

A new design from our favourite South African homeware company has caught our eye. The new 100% cotton Vadoek (Afrikaans for 'cloth') from Mungo is a contemporary take on the traditional plaid tea towel.

“At the moment I am intrigued by the beautiful symmetry of checks and the amazing colour fusions that they produce when the yarns overlap”, says Mungo designer, Lenore Schroeder She wanted to design a kitchen cloth that people would feel proud to hang on display, rather than stuffing into the back of the linen drawer where all the other unsightly cloths reside.

In an effort to bring texture and functionality to the Vadoek, Lenore turned to Master Weaver, Stuart Holding’s archive of historic pattern books and found the mock leno weave. It wasn’t just the name that captured Lenore’s attention. The loosely interlaced warp and weft threads increase the surface area of the cloth, making it thick and absorbent - perfect for soaking up spills and handling hot plates.

The Vadoek range consists of nine colourways, each with its own unique personality and character. Whatever your palette preference, we’re sure you’ll find a handsome kitchen companion here.

Mungo is a company that uses sustainable production methods and raw materials, and follows an ethos underpinned by ethical trading and integrity. Mungo products are designed to last, not simply to be used a few times and then thrown away.

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