Visible Mending with Tom of Holland

Tom van Deijnen, aka Tom of Holland is a self-taught textiles practitioner, based in Brighton, UK. He says of his craft that he likes to "do things that take forever... as it allows me to gain a deep understanding of material qualities and the traditional techniques used for making and mending contemporary objects."

He is interested in sustainability and the rich textile history that surrounds wool in the UK and works with darning frequently to repair woollen garments. Tom explores the relationship between wearer and garment, how this evolves over time and how it is changed with mending. In an interview with Sarah Lewis Hammond for the Guardian Tom talked about his Visible Mending programme, a once a month drop-in event in Brighton in which he teaches people how to repair their clothes... '“Wear your darn like a badge of honour,...When he takes on a commission he asks, “Why would you like me to repair this? What makes you want to keep it?”'

Van Deijnen's interest in using traditional techniques for creating and repairing textiles "means that creating and mending are in constant conversation with each other." His Visible Mending Programme seeks to highlight that the art and craftsmanship of clothes repair is particularly relevant in a world where more and more people voice their dissatisfaction with fashion’s throwaway culture. By exploring the story behind garment and repair, the Programme reinforces the relationship between the wearer and garment,  leading to people wearing their existing clothes for longer.

Don't miss our workshop with Tom of Holland- 'Patching And Mending' Saturday 20 July. This workshop will focus on mending with woven fabrics- not knitted. For more details and to book your place CLICK HERE

Guardian Article: The Rise of Mending

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