The Goddess Of Youth

This December, Mary Ward House in central London will be transformed into a textile capital for one day only, as the Selvedge Winter Fair gets underway. Today, Jessica Edney talks to Julie from Juno Skincare, one of our exhibitors.

What is the meaning behind the name, “Juno"?

The goddess Juno was chosen specifically as she presides over every aspect of women's lives. She is the divine protectress of community, delivering fullness of vital energy, eternal youthfulness and vital force.

How did Juno Skincare begin?
I was always in touch with my natural surroundings, so I learnt quickly the importance and beauty of nature. Throughout my adult years, I have been able to pick and choose from all walks of skincare and I have become disenchanted with the anti-ageing claims and reliance on man-made materials.
Taking the road less travelled in the Far East, North Africa, India and throughout the diversity of Europe, I always seek to experience real life. These journeys inspire style, taste, scent, health and well being. Returning each time with new influences and inspirations, knowingly and unknowingly creating and forever adding to the foundations of Juno. After three years of patient experimenting, during which time I dealt with a serious illness and the loss of my father, Juno was finally ready. It was a realisation of the delicacy of life.
What is Juno's ethos?
It’s my belief that ethical, natural skin care should make you look and feel great without fear of harming yourself or others or the planet. You can have it all: repair, nourish, heal and maintain. We manufacture in the UK, using independent UK companies and the best materials we can source, 100% natural and in some instances organic. We are on a mission to change the way the industry approaches high-end skin and body care and prove luxury can be results driven, ethical, and inclusive. We believe you can have it all, luxury with values.
What is a typical day like for you?
The beauty of running your own business is that rarely are two days the same. However all said, there are aspects of each day that I try to maintain. I have been practicing yoga for over twenty years and I do this every morning. Another regular activity is a fresh fruit/veg juice. Lastly, I walk everyday with my trusted companion Peppa, my dog.

Juno Skincare will be exhibiting at the Selvedge Winter Fair on 1 December 2018. To find out more about the event and to book your ticket, click here.
You can get 2 for 1 tickets with the code FAIR2FOR1. 

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