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Guest Blog post from Lancaster & Cornish

There is certain magic to natural indigo; the subtle tones and depth of blue achieved through natural fermentation that can never be replaced by synthetic dye and chemical reduction. It takes a little faith and a certain amount of understanding of the process to work with a natural fermentation indigo vat. We live in a world of now and must have, and it is therefore so refreshing to step aside and work with the rhythm of the vat. DSC_1097 Vivien Prideuax is a full time dyer, embroiderer, freelance tutor, lecturer and writer and for thirty-five years her passion and commitment to textiles and Indigo has taken her all over the world. She sources unusual hand woven, embroidered, natural fabrics and traditional dyeing techniques from India, Thailand, New Zealand, Western Samoa and Japan. Her garden studio, in the beautiful historic town of Fowey, Cornwall, UK is a riot of colourful textured hand dyed, new and salvaged natural materials. Japanese kimono silks, hand woven hemp, linens, velvets, cashmere, magical blues of natural indigo, subtle shades of cochineal, madder and other natural, sustainable dyes. DSC_1151 Having recently returned from a three month dyeing trip to Thailand, Vivien is launching a new range of beautiful naturally dyed vintage silk kimono and wool scarves. Cloth and stitch are a natural way for her to express her personality. Shibori, (the inventive art of Japanese shaped resist dyeing) indigo and natural dyes are contemporary techniques of our time, but she always delves further to discover through traditional and cultural references, a wider vocabulary to use in her work. DSC_1153 Vivien is always delighted to share her passion and traditional knowledge in a structured way through workshops. Starting with the preparation and long-term maintenance of both “bio” and “zinc lime”, natural Indigo fermentation vats of deep shades of blue and can be maintained for use over many months, or even years.  Join Vivien and other speakers at a Selvedge Event ‘Indigo and The Art of Natural Dying’ this September at The Duchy of Cornwall Nursery, south-east Cornwall. Day tickets from £165  click here to buy tickets  

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  • Jennifer Campbell Kirk on

    Wonderful article. I have recently become hooked on shibori and indigo dyeing- the mother of all dyes.Indigo dyeing is certainly magical when one dips cloth in the blue-green liquid and which then turns a yellowy green, then greeny blue then finally indigo when oxidised in the air. I just adore the s
    low natural process of the vat and how tricky it can be to balance the chemicals to get the vat working! The workshop sounds like such fun….wish I could make it! In case you are curious – here’s my indigo dye cloths

  • Sian Cornish on

    Hi Jennifer
    Thanks so much for your comments. I am sorry we didn’t spot this earlier. I will certainly take a look at your website, and hope you can join us on future workshops. The course is now running in March 2016, link below.

    Look forward to hearing from you if you are interested in coming along.

    All the best


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