W.I Centennial Fair


Above: 'The Country Wife' designed by Constance Howard in 1951 depicts some of the activities carried out by WI members. You may have seen it in the  Brittania issue of Selvedge. Originally launched in Canada as a branch of the Farmer's Institute, the now infamous Women's Institute, or WI, came to Britain in 1915 in an effort to encourage countrywomen to get involved in producing and preserving food during the First World War. Since its British conception one hundred years ago, the WI has held its own as a valuable and adaptable institution. gallery Just a glance at the institute's history – from producing food during wartime, voting for more information about HIV and AIDs to be made publicly available during the 1980s to playing an often incredibly important role in binding communities – shows that, although the WI may be one hundred years old, it has always had its ear to the ground and is hardly of little consequence today. promotion-bus-at-denman-72px Part of the WI's power is in the extraordinary and impressive range of people it has involved and aided. It seems fitting therefore that over 70 diverse talks and demonstrations are already on the WI centennial fair's program. Where else would you find Dr Helen Pankhurst (campaigner and granddaughter of Suffragette leader Emmelin) and Bill Oddie in the same room? We are offering the chance to win a pair of tickets to the WI Centennial Fair – follow this link to find out more. 3 – 6 September 2015 WI banner 600x90

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  • Clare Bungey on

    Hello Anny, thank you for your message. We’re glad you enjoyed the show. We use the banners at lots of other similar shows throughout the year. You can have a look at our calendar to find out where we’ll be:

    They were printed by a great company in the US called Spoonflower. You can design and print your own fabric in small batches, they offer a good range of fabrics and their system is very easy to use. Here’s a link to their website:

  • Ann Sharman on

    Visited your stand at the WI fair today – nice chat with the lovely lady running it. wondered what happened to the fabric banners lining the walls when the show is over. They would make great bags. Ann S

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