The Chelsea physic Garden, located in the heart of London, will be launching an exciting new exhibition next month titled Weaves and Leaves. Exploring the close and historic connection between plants and fabric, this exhibit promises to be an illuminating insight into this niche and extremely rich relationship. Starting at the beginning when plant fibres were first woven into fabric centuries ago, the show will research this topic through many lenses, from that of basic objects such as strings, ropes and nets, to those more luxurious woven textiles such as clothes and blankets. chelsea-physic-garden-london-borough-of-kensington-chelsea-sw3_1760658_l Organised as a means of highlighting the world’s utter dependency on plants, the show will also delve into subjects such as traditional cotton crops alongside those of modern technological advances, offering an alternative view to the future of fibre suggesting that the solution to our plant (and therefore our fibre) dependency might be in plant growth itself, rather than its harvest. chelsea-spring-lavender Some unexpected additions will also be peppered throughout the show, such as some Central St Martin’s student installations displayed alongside plants and their resulting fabrics. A complementary series of behind-the-scenes tours, workshops and talks around Weaves and Leaves will also be available for all visitors to the exhibition, promising to be a fascinating and educational event. Weaves and Leaves at Chelsea Physic Garden will begin growing in April, and is due to be in full bloom in June. Open until 30 October 2017,  Tuesday-Friday 11-5pm and Sundays 11-6pm

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