Welcome to the Selvedge blog, no, don't sigh and become weary at the thought of yet another addition to an overpopulated world wide web. Our monthly newsletter proved so popular that we realised an online journal would be even better. This will be the place where we can share the material we can't squeeze into our paper issues. We hope that in the posts to follow we can give you an idea of how the magazine is put together, our likes and dislikes, our short lived enthusiasms and enduring loves... sv22_cover_72dpi-250px-rgb.jpg

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  • Sarah Walker on

    As a fellow blogger and new Selvedge Affiliate, I welcome you to the blogosphere and look forward to following your exploits!

  • Pam on

    Thanks for this opportunity to communicate….Selvedge is truly a wonder of the 21st century!
    Is there a way to subscribe to the blog?

  • louise jackson on

    Hurrah! A new source of inspiration and amusement. Hurry, get posting fab stuff. I love blogs!

  • Sandra on

    Oh I am happy that you have joined the blog world. I love your magazine. I don’t get a chance to read it often because it is not available in the small town in the desert that I live in. So, I always have to wait until we drive to Las Vegas or LA and most of the time it is sold out already. So having your blog will at least keep me some what connected with your magazine.


  • nosheen on

    what a great start to a wonderful blog.

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