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Hiroko Iwatate has been collecting textiles for over forty years, amassing a collection of over 7,700 pieces from Asia and Africa. This remarkable collection - Iwatate is not only an enthusiast but a designer and inevitably some what of a textiles expert - is both the reason and contents of Hiroko Iwatate's eponymous Iwatate Museum of Folk Textiles. In order to display as much of her vast collection as possible, Iwatate curates up to four exhibitions a year, the current one being 'White Textiles of the World'.   ポスター決定入稿'White Textiles of the World' displays approximately one hundred white textiles from India, Morocco, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Iran and Japan. The show ranges from basic, practical muslin pieces to elaborate, grand white Japanese costumes and tribal wooden Berber costumes from Morocco. Inevitably there is a wealth of contextual history to be read into behind each piece. Iwatate's personal awareness of the stories behind and significance of textiles in general is evidenced by her heavily researched written work, such as Textiles: Soul of India. Iwatate Folk Textiles Museum is a destination for anyone interested in textiles visiting Japan. White Textiles of the World  16 April-18  July, 1-25-13 Jiyugaoka | Iwatate Bldg. 3F, Meguro152-0035, Tokyo Prefecture,

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