Win A Merino Throw From Anna Champeney

Anna Champeney delights in expressing ideas through weaving. Her soft merino throws are created for modern living, combining style and comfort that comes from using natural materials. With roots in handloom weaving and natural dye extraction, Anna imbues her work with the qualities which lie at the heart of craft production; a focus on quality and a reflective design process which involves working directly with materials. As such, every collection is sampled on a handloom, enabling designs to be perfected before being woven at a family-run textile mill in Spain. 

The design studio's story began in 2005 when Anna began producing soft furnishings in one of the most depopulated and mountainous areas of northern Spain. Village life in this area relies upon local industry prevailing, and as such, Anna Champeney's studio helps to sustain the local economy. Anna only uses top quality natural yarns, such as merino, lambswool and Mongolian cashmere. These fibres are soft to the touch yet durable. 

Instead of outsourcing labour to far-flung locations, for hand-woven collections, almost all of the weaving is done in-house. As well as hand-sampling, some limited edition designs use a palette of exclusive colours extracted using artisanal methods at the studio and specialising in the extraction of local, environmentally-friendly dye plants. 

We have one of Anna’s soft woollen throws, 140 x 180cm, worth £280 to give away. Aquamar Optic Stripe and Bump Mousse, both shown here, are just two of the throws in Anna's “Soft Urban” collection, inspired by urban landscapes, designed to add a soft and colourful touch to contemporary interiors.  Prototyped in the studio on handlooms, designed personally by Anna, and woven up in one of North Spain´s small family-run textile mills.

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