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How can you resist these faces? We have three copies of the new Baby Cashmere book (featured on page 49 issue 38) to give away. Beautifully photographed, it tells the story of Mongolia's Hircus Goat and the extraordinary journey Loro Piana take in their quest for excellence. It'll be the softest hardback on your bookshelf. Please click here to send us your details for your chance to win...

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  • Grall Martine on

    what a nice photo!

  • TeriLyn on

    I live on an island with many alpaca and sheep farms — this little “cashmere” guy is so intriguing!

  • ana on

    Fantastic feature (Selvedge issue 38) on the origins of cashmere fibres. (…) On average an adult goat yields about 100 grams of cashmere. kids a mere 30 grams of fibre taken once in the lifetime of each young animal. (…) I, definitely, loved to learn more!

  • Maggie Graham on

    What a beautiful book. i loved the article and photos in the magazine. I’d love to own one. Book, that is, not goat. Although…….

  • Champagne Maker on

    I adore Selvedge Magazine and I adore that sweet face on the cashmere book. Everybody needs a little goat! I loved the article! I read Selvedge online and from the minute it arrives in my inbox…i sit for days pulled in like no other subscription does. cyber love!

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