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Guest blog post by Leone Serrander, stylist and copywriter at Gudrun Sjödén

Gudrun Sjödén's Christmas collection is filled with vibrant colours, with no other than the great Frida Kahlo as the muse. And it all started with a watercolour, painted by Gudrun herself.


Gudrun was back home in Sweden while the Winter 2016 collection was being shot in the dry desert in Santa Fe. The stylist Monica was keeping Gudrun updated by sending through photographs, and when Gudrun saw the stunning scenery, she was so inspired that she fetched her paint tools and created a beautiful watercolour painting inspired by the Mexican folklore patterns.


The great artist Frida Kahlo became the muse for this particular collection, but she has also been a source of true inspiration for Gudrun for many years. Frida was never afraid of expressing herself through her art or in her own personal style, and she was daring, colourful and personal. unnamedunnamed-6 So when the time came to shoot for Christmas collection, the models were styled in Frida’s spirit. The shoot took place in the home of artist and scenographer, Mat Arrehenborg’s home, a converted barn in Muskö in Sweden. unnamed-14 On entering the house, the sun shined through the old windows and wherever you looked you could spot charming old pieces of furniture and fun, eclectic items. A bunch of fresh flowers were brought onto set and they stood in vases on the old wooden floor. With Mat’s old furnitures, the backdrop that he had painted, and the colourful models - the Christmas collection came to life. unnamed-4 From a watercolour painting to a colourfully captured Christmas collection - a collection filled with Mexican flavours, shot in an old wooden barn in Sweden. Gudrun Sjödén's latest collection is available online and in-store. Read more about the behind the scene’s adventures here  unnamed-3

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