Wool week... Day two


We're continuing our Wool Week celebration today with ANTA. We have three of their pure harris wool utility bags to give away. Today's question is: Tartan and Scotland are intrinsically linked but in 1746 The Dress Act made wearing “Highland Dress" illegal. In which year was the act repealed? To enter, please send your answer to Good Luck! And congratulations to Sami Teasdale who won yesterday's Loopy Lapin competition.

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  • Jennifer on

    Super competition- just the thing to cheer us all up! Well done Selvedge! Very nice prizes too….

  • beth connors on


  • elaine hughes on

    Is the answer to your Scottish Dress Act question 1782?

  • omi pharncote on

    July 1 1782 was when the Higland Dress Act was repealed.

  • Glynis on

    The answer is 1782. Hey this is a good way to look back at our history .

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