Issue 81 Japan Blue Pre-Order

Issue 81 Japan Blue Pre-Order

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March / April 2018

81 Japan Blue Issue

Colour and culture 

The Denim Capital of the World A visit to the Okamoto Orifu Factory

Japanese Indigo Merchant A trip to Mr Okumura’s house

Brush Shopping in Kyoto Browsing brushes with Saiundo Fujimoto

Porter Classic Behind the scenes with Japan’s coolest fashion brand

From Plant to Dye The Sukumo fermentation process

Toyota Looms The surprising history behind Toyota

Stencil Dyeing Katazome edo period stencils

Boro Boro Revisiting the power of patchwork

Fruit of the Loom Indigo and persimmon dye

Sashiko Style The art of Japanese hand-stitching

The Indigo City Travelling in Tokushima


*Contents are subject to change 

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