Volunteer and Work Experience at The Selvedge World Fair

With over 100 artisans from as many countries to manage and numerous activities between 29 June- 5 July 2020 and an anticipated 5,000 visitors, the small team at Selvedge relies on volunteers like you to support the event. You can help set up, work with visitors at the event, or alongside the artisans themselves, alongside a range of other tasks throughout the busy days of setting up and running the Fair. It's a great opportunity for you to get involved, get real hands-on experience and support the craft community.

Some of the volunteer roles are specific and will run throughout the World Fair We've provided an outline of the tasks to give you a flavour of the roles. However, volunteers need to be flexible and able to respond to all reasonable requests positively. Many aspects of the Fair are unpredictable, and the fair team is likely to be under constant pressure to deliver activity and allocate resources. This requires volunteers to use common sense and their own initiative at all times. However, if in doubt get in touch with a member of the Fair team.

You will be given an Event and Health & Safety briefing and hospitality training before you take part in the event.

In return for your commitment, the World Fair team will make every effort to ensure you enjoy being a World Fair volunteer and you will be given a free pass on completion of a minimum of two shift totalling 8 hours of volunteering. 

If you would like to sign up as a volunteer, please fill in the form here.



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