How to make a bolster cushion

Put these cushions beneath your pillows for luxurious bedtime reading or scatter a couple on the sofa for a lazy Sunday afternoon. It is made from a vintage linen sheet, and tied with cotton tape and the lining is made to the same size as the cushion pad so it is nice and snug. The outer cover can be easily removed for laundering... 

Materials & tools you will need 

  • Feather cushion pad 46cm × 20cm diameter 
  • Linen fabric 1.5m × 140cm wide 
  • Cotton tape 1.5m × 13mm wide 
  • Matching thread 
  • Standard machine needle 
  • size 80 Hand sewing needle 
  • Pencil and paper, drawing pin and string 
  • Tailor’s shears 
  • Bodkin or safety pin 

This project comes from The Merchant & Mills Sewing Book, by Carolyn N. K. Denham, Collins & Brown

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