Issue 08 Hibernate

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November/December 2005



"LIVING IN LONDON I often feel spoilt for choice. There are so many events that it’s sometimes overwhelming. I felt this recently visiting a fabric fair: after viewing 300 fabrics in 30 colourways all from a single company I was suffering from a form of textile colour blindness. After taking the time to talk to designers, I discovered some real treasures often in quite unexpected places. Del Cerro in Colorado and Anta in Scotland are two companies that stand out from the crowd. Working on a small scale they create products with the distinct signature based on the style and vision of a talented individual and are stronger for it.

The same can be said of the shopkeepers featured in our Christmas shopping article. The owners of egg, hand and loop fill their shops with eclectic merchandise that makes browsing an uplifting experience – worlds apart from that encountered on the high street.

This issue is bursting with inspiring individuals, including Sheila Paine, an intrepid traveller who takes us on a tour of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. She’s an extraordinary individual who has enriched the world of textiles through her passion, personal courage and spirit. Her contribution in the form of an outstanding collection must be preserved and we highlight her search to find a suitable home for her treasures.

In a season of long nights and cold mornings we all find it harder and harder to leave the comfort and warmth of our beds. To help you snuggle down we examine the finest bed linen. We look at the beauty of draped fabric in the work of Sophia Kokosalaki as well as in architecture. Capturing the drapes and folds of fine fabric has always been a test of an artist’s skill but architects and stonemasons created their own versions.

Have a great Christmas."

Polly Leonard, Founder, Selvedge Magazine

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