Issue 76 Trade Winds

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May/June 2017

Prevailing patterns that encircle the earth

Trade winds are the prevailing wind patterns that carried ships across oceans, establishing trade routes that changed the course of textiles forever. In this issue we explore the cross-pollination of ideas made possible by trade, from the batik villages in Pekalongan, Indonesia, to cotton’s journey from Savannah to the port of Liverpool. We also look to the eastwhere we find traces of French tradition in exquisite Vietnamese embroidery, and take a trip through France to discover how the country’s rich textile history makes itself known today.

Wardrobe Malfunction Letters from Vanessa Bell and Virginia Woolf
Rie Kowakuba Comme des Garcons: art of the in-between at The Met
The Curious Collection of Emery Walker Inside the artist's home
The Earliest Printed Textiles From India to France to the USA
Legacy in Lace Charles Fréger photographs Breton Lace
Delpozo Kate Cavendish on the new brand's bold shapes

Plus: Arcadian Brown Cotton, Pero, Sula and Vietnam


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