Issue 88 Geometric Pre-Order

Issue 88 Geometric Pre-Order

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May / June 2019

Issue 88 Geometric: the mathematics of cloth 

AFRICAN QUEEN Fashion designer Marianne Fassler 
NO STUFFED SHIRT Nelson Mandela and the Madiba Shirt 
LEISURE WEAVE Carly Glovinski and her stripes 
BLANKET TERM Traditional Basotho Blankets
AS SWEET AS SUGAR CANDY Eva Karayiannis the brains, heart and soul behind Caramel 
PIECEWORK collective quilts and community
GRASSROOTS Diana Scherer exercises in root system domestication 
HORSES FOR COURSES Chilean artist Isabel Lecaros weaves magic in horses hair 
ON WEAVING Karin Carlander 
PATCH UP The Bosna Quilt Project 
IN GOOD REPAIR Discarded, Remastered. Zero Waste Quilting 
IN PLAIN VIEW Laura Gray takes a look at The Summer House
SUB PLOT Narratives in African Wax
SHEEP TO SEAT, FLEECE TO FLOOR Ella Doran at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park 
SPIN DOCTOR Will Cruickshank in a spin
AN OCCUPATION Craft and the Military 
UNDER MY UMBRELLA James Smith & Son 
A PIECE OF WORK Kartik Hirabhai Chauhan’s applique
Material: Textile, Ifeoma Anyaeji, Kimono refashioned, Textiles of Japan, Voortrekker ‘kappie’ bonnet

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