Issue 67 Migration

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November/December 2015

MASS MIGRATION has dominated the news in recent months. The exodus of half a million refugees northwards through continental Europe has been met, for the most part with kindness and compassion; but also anxiety at the threat this places on cultural identity. The reality, however, is likely to be a strengthening of the rich cultural traditions that stretch from the Austrian Tyrol across the Alps and onwards to the Black Forest, which we highlight in this issue. We take a peek inside a mountain chalet and stroll around Nürnberg’s Christmas market to take in the scents of the season – pine, ginger, cinnamon and beeswax. It is these scents that conjure up the nostalgia we feel for the holidays by awakening memories of family celebrations. Katia Johansen explains how scent triggers memories deep inside the brain and explores the long relationship textiles have had with fragrance. Amanda Carr brings us-up-to date and considers the new relationship artisan perfumers have with cloth. Fragrance has been a traditional Christmas gift since Melchior presented Jesus with frankincense, once greatly valued throughout the Middle East. For our part we hope to inspire you with our annual gift guide.

So this holiday spare a thought for the refugees making memories of spending their first holiday in new countries. Their tenacity is admirable and reminds me of that of the Women's Social and Political Union. Nicola Donovan explores how textiles were employed by the suffragettes in their struggle for equality a hundred years ago. I wish you a happy and fragrant festive season and hope to see you at one of our Artisan Fairs in London and Bath. This issue we say goodbye to Beth Smith and thank her for her contribution to the magazine over many years and welcome Grace Warde-Aldam to the Selvedge team.

Polly Leonard, Founder


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