6th Christmas Give Away


The chance to win a Secret Pillow Project gift

This Saturday we are offering the chance to win on of 7 Secret Pillows from the Secret Pillow Project, an excellent project, these pillows are hand made by a dedicated group of ladies in Meppadi, Wayada District in Kerala, India. Founded by Fritha Vincent, this project offers empowerment to the ladies making them through the business and the creation of something that people can love. These ingenious pillows once unfolded become a wonderful blanket with a pocket to make sure your feet stay wrapped up and tucked in the warmth. ssp square For a chance to win one of these wonderful pillows answer this question;

In 1972 the Freedom Quilting Bee started to create pillows for Sears, Roebuck. What type of fabric were they made from?

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Find the answer in our first edition of Selvedge, Launch!

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