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The Selvedge Spring Fair will take place on the 2nd April and some of our exhibitors will be donating their wares to our ‘Spring Fair Competition’. The March/April edition of Selvedge looks at how small artisans are making their mark on the global economy, so we've asked them some questions to give you a glimpse into company practices, how they began, the best and worst decisions, and insider secrets, you’ll be able to download the interview for our featured exhibitors on the day we launch their competition.

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  • patty vedros on

    I wish I could visit the fiber fair in person, but your publication takes me there vicariously every time I read it.
    Greetings from Kansas

  • benjia morgenstern on

    As a sculptural basketmaker using indigenous materials, I am always looking for innovative work.
    At Selvedge, I am expecting you will seek out these artists/artisans and write about them in your magazine.

  • Nancy on

    I would love to read more about this competition. How do I find more information on the competition? I work mostly with fabric (love burlap and linen) and have numerous creations on my blog/blog sidebar.
    So glad I found this magazine and blog today!

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