In the world of craft and interiors, the question that stands the test of time is one that we’ve all heard before: what makes a house a home? For anyone who might think that this train of thought is a tired one, The New Craftsmen and Selfridges have teamed up to answer it in a completely new way. Hosted in the Ultralounge – Selfridges’ dedicated special installations and exhibition space in their London store – The New Craftsmen invites visitors into A Home For All; an immersive experience that explores the notion of home as the ultimate expression of self.

Running from 31 March to 9 June, this purpose-built space will take ‘house guests’ on a journey through the installation, disconnecting visitors from everyday life and offering them a chance to rediscover their own creativity. The immersive experience at the heart of it is centred round a series of daily rituals: rest, gather, play and cleanse.

For rest, visitors will enter into a dreamscape filled with interpretations of bed and bedding, using this space as a place to pause and connect with themselves. Filled with whimsical pieces such as haystacks and nests, the rest space encourages a playful connection to nature. For gather, guests will be immersed in a busy kitchen in the midst of food preparation with chef Susy Webb as the homemaker, encouraged to take part in the lively debates that fill the room.

For play, house guests can join the community-making activities that contribute to the design of the overall installation, allowing the project to constantly evolve throughout its stay in Selfridges. And lastly for cleanse, guests will have the opportunity to reflect on their experience in the house. Whether kneading bread around the kitchen table or slumbering amongst haystacks, visitors will stumble upon haptic moments of community, discussion, play and imagination.

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