"Clay allows me to inject vitality into my characters" explains ceramicist and Instagram luminary Kinska. Instantly recognisable for their quirky characteristics and playful illustrations, Kinska's ceramics have recently garnered the attention of the minds behind the trend-setting clothing and homeware brand Anthropologie. Under the title "United Kinska" the artist will be launching her first solo exhibition at Anthropologie's Kings Road shop in London tomorrow, March 3rd. Born in Argentina and now living and working in London, Kinska is an entirely self-taught artist who (until now) has been selling many of her ceramics and illustrations online through sites such as Etsy. 12705750_763064483829237_152452425548618749_n Her work is rooted in the traditions of animism, and characterised by the deceptive simplicity of shape, pattern and colour. She uses clay as a canvas, infusing every piece with her own feelings present at the point of making, and cultivating a distinctive, animated style. Kinska’s work comprises everything from intricately illustrated vases and sculptures to flying balloons and finely crafted one-off cups. For her new body of work made for Anthropologie, the artist departs from her more broadly recognised monochromatic works to the purely imaginary, soulful world that exists in her mind. With a bright and cheerful colour palette coupled with soft, simple forms this new collection of ceramics marks strong a turning point in Kinska's playful style of making. Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 16.28.09 “This exhibition is an opportunity for you to look into and enter my realm,” says Kinska. “It’s inspired by the joys and challenges of my life, and it’s a personal insight into my emotions". Initially developing her characters through sketching, Kinska translates her ideas into clay, resulting in her recognisably peculiar creations. As if doodles just sprouted up from the page and came to life, these endearing characters may be small but they have presence. Available in store at Anthropologie from 10am tomorrow morning, Kinska's new range is a sweet collection of figures, full of lively personality in the simplest of forms.  

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