“One can use everything that can be used,” proclaimed the Swedish architect and designer Josef Frank.

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Frank was ahead of his time in that he placed individual's tastes and comfort about formal rules of design. Where many sheepishly followed Le Corbusier's design theories, Frank rejected the idea that a house should be a “machine for living in.”


Arguably we owe a lot to Frank's freer style and approach to household living. He proposed a different kind of mondernism "with values such as comfort, homeliness and a wealth of colour in focus."

1450146893348 "He perceived tubular steel furniture as a threat to humanity" and wanted the beauty of nature to be a part of interiors, making them a place to relax, breath and enjoy. This exhibition explores both his life, design ethos and legacy. Josef Frank: Against Design Austrian Museum of Applied Arts 16 December 2015 – 12 June 1450146893353

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  • Sarah on

    Oh God, LOOK AT THESE! Gorgeous designs and luscious colours! Pure inspiration. I have love love for these. Thank you.

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