Alice Archer at The Place


The young designer Alice Archer has been praised for making embroidery cool. She was 'discovered' by Simon Burstein (son of Browns Boutique founder Joan) and her first collection sold through his shop The Place on South Molten Street. The collection featured digitally embroidered floral details and faces from 19th century oil paintings. Think 'learned', witty but understated (and truly textural) couture. alic11 From wondering through the National Portrait Gallery during her final year at the RCA, through coding minute facial details into digitised threads, to hailing a new avenue for craft in the world of high fashion, Alice Archer has fast become a name to watch. C0304_item_53xx2 As part of this year's London Craft week Alice Archer will explore embroidery on silk at The Place London, hosted by Simon Burstein. The event will not only be a chance to re-think both craft and fashion evolution but a chance to see Alice’s new collection, which will be revealed for the first time and learn how to commission a new item.
03 May 2016 18.00 - 19.00
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