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Guest Blog Post ALSO Home is a collection of homewares handpicked and designed in the UK by Owner and founder Anna Schmidt. ALSO Home is a lifestyle collection inspired by a love of layering with both colour, texture and fabric finishes. Seagrass Bread Baske#F37232Also Home SS20161924 With a growing range of products entirely unique to ALSO Home, the range is one of simplicity and style. The distinctive feel and finish along with hand crafted, globally sourced elements characterise the integrity of the ALSO Home brand and products. Also Home Day 3 2015 56508Fox cushion and silv#F37239 Anna says "For as long as I can remember, I have observed and been inspired by the world around me. Sometimes even the smallest detail on an object can spark an idea or a design, the slightest new tone in colour can birth an entire collection. I love that I never know when that moment of inspiration will happen. I believe that inspiration isn’t something you can just sit down and force yourself to be good at. Inspiration is a complementary cocktail of beauty born out of a creative lifestyle and mindset. It needs to be honed and fine tuned with time and experience, but it is also instinctive." Grey Diamond Bedspre#F37260White Navajo and whi#F37266 This is what has led to the creation of the ALSO Home collection. It is an intuitive search and quest for the right products, fabrics, colours and textures. Born from an innate desire to weave together all the elements that tell the ALSO Home story. Telling the story is a very important part of the creative process for ALSO Home. It’s the story of the lady who plants and harvests rice in the fields, goes home to her family and produces heirloom worthy embroideries. Of the artist who creates and draws by hand, intricate patterns onto a bowl or a mug, or of the workers who sit chatting with their friends while making baskets. There is something truly special about an object that’s been crafted by hand. There are the obvious things like outstanding quality and unique personality, but ALSO Home find that the real magic lies in the incredible truth that the item you are holding is a testimony of creativity. Also Home SS20162088 blue editLinen Aprong and Bag Lime The ALSO Home collection combines textured neutrals in greys and whites with delicate pops of colour in lime, coral or blue. Inspired by Scandinavia or simplicity in Asia, the collection is a feast of textures, bright whites against soft greys, or lime and coral accents. Focusing on the natural wherever possible, the bed linen is made from washed 100% linen or crisp cotton and the accessories from velvets, cotton and hand crafted detailing. 

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