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Sharing and collaboration are, arguably, at the heart of what it means to be an artist - after all, through the very act of creating artwork, the artist is sharing it with the viewer. Artists can also collaborate with one another, each being a source of encouragement and inspiration for the other. Gilbert Prousch and George Passmore (otherwise known as art duo Gilbert & George) are an excellent example of the power of a partnership; they have created art together for over half a century. Their work has blurred the boundaries between art and life and has sometimes removed their separate identities altogether - a sacrifice that has earned Gilbert & George a Turner Prize. 

Gilbert & George have always referred to their works as "sculptures" although they have pursued a variety of media throughout their career. They themselves are known as "living sculptures", reflecting the artists' ethos that life and art cannot be dissociated from one another. Their work can often be challenging, taking on grand themes such as sex, faith, and identity. Gilbert & George seek to portray truth through their art and have spoken out against elitism in the art world. This is the reasoning behind their slogan, "Art for All". 

George & Gilbert are displaying some of their most playful and thought-provoking pieces at the Brighton Museum this summer but their ethos extends beyond the exhibited works. Artist-in-residence Eliph Hadert is taking the motto, "Art for All" and bringing it to life by running a series of drop-in and outreach sessions for young people, families and adults. Using Gilbert & George’s slogan "Art for All" as her philosophy, everyone is welcome to take part in her project and all events are free. She will also be organising a Community Quilt, allowing members of the public to collaborate on a creative project and reflecting the ethos of Gilbert & George. 

Gilbert & George's work will be on display at the Brighton Museum until 2 September 2018. For more information, visit the Museum website.

Find out more about ART FOR ALL events here.

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