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It's sacrilege to say it but we’re getting the tiniest bit tired of plain white bedding. Style wise we’ve been pure as the driven snow for years and years and this spring something about those bluebells, the cherry blossom and the daffodils dancing in the breeze has sparked the desire for a touch more colour and decoration. 42034 That said I’m not sure we’re ready to go full floral – the new Shanghai Garden collection from Designer’s Guild is a “canopy of peonies” and, gorgeous as it is, requires confidence and the Amrapali Peony range is similarly bold. So the plan is to let colour “edge-in” with the Astor bed linen which features a double Oxford embroidered trim in moss green, cloud blue and eight other shades. Or perhaps we’ll let the season wash over us with Biella Lilac & Lavender  – the elegant crumple of the pure linen is part of its laid back charm – and add a flowery cushion or two. There’s so much choice – and the more we look, the more these botanical prints and bright shades grow on us. After a little weeding we were left with another five favourites Fi Douglas' love of colour and all things floral blend in her uplifting painterly pieces for bluebellgray.  Mode features fresh abstracted florals or if you want just a touch of spring her  Tetbury Meadow pillow is perfect... mode-bedding-full-900 Anthropologie's Woodblock Floral Quilt is delicate despite its large, scrolling design. Few designers can capture a floral like Clarissa Hulse  – her Prairie design is a less feminine take on a floral. Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 16.15.46 Vintage kantha quilts from Rebecca's Aix Home  can be bright and blooming or more muted – it all depends what she finds. Finally, if you're a dab hand with needle and thread and a fan of a traditional English country garden, fabric by the metre from Cabbages and Roses would make a sweet statement in any bedroom. 6a00e39823068288330120a61ba9f8970b  

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  • Sarah Wiggs on

    Lovely colourful bed linen – who would want white!

  • Colleen Jersild on

    How beautiful!

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