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The word chhipa is said to have come from two words in Nepal Bhasa: 'chhi', meaning to dye, and 'pa', the act of leaving something to bask in the sun, making it the singularly appropriate name of a new design brand seeking to reinvent contemporary shirts. Their first collection, where each shirt is limited to a run of 100, has been block printed and hand dyed by master craftsmen in Rajasthan, where the design duo behind Chhipa, Claudia Borfiga and Lizzie Lock, first found their inspiration for the line. 3 Chhipa Bump Pocket At first glance, the shirts appear simple in design, but they more than assert their presence with the bold indigo dye that draws the first collection together as its trademark. They are androgynous, taking inspiration from the classic cuts of both European and Indian oversized worker's shirt that allow for not only wearability, but providing a spotless canvas for the design and colour printed onto them. 4 Chhipa Stripe Group This marriage of trans-continental craftsmanship is what makes Chhipa a fresh look at the way shirts are worn, both in terms of quality and design. Through their eyes, a shirt can be more than just functional, but a statement piece in its own right. Chhipa launches on 17th September 2015

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