Baubles For The Tree

Guest post by Ruby Wilson

Decorating the Christmas tree has been a much-loved affair for many years. In fact, many more years than one may expect. It is thought that as far back as the ancient Egyptians, evergreen trees were adorned with ribbons as a representation of hope during winter solstice. The modern Christmas tree tradition is, however, thought to originate a bit later, during the 16th century in Germany. Small evergreens were decorated and became known as ‘paradise trees’. Devout Christians then brought these trees into homes during the yuletide season and thus the Christmas tree, as we know it was born.

It was in the late 1840s that the tree really did become commercialised thanks to Queen Victoria and her German born husband Prince Albert. The Queen was pictured celebrating the season around a decorated tree and the practice became popular with wealthy Americans. Subsequently the commercial potential of this humble evergreen was realised and the market for ornaments exploded.

In the 1890s Woolworths was selling $25 million dollars worth of ornaments made mainly of hand blown glass. Overtime the ornaments became more lavish, and tinsel, silk and wool were all incorporated into the decorations. In the 1970s, Hallmark began producing keepsake ornaments, giving the Christmas bauble a collectable status.  Although the Christmas tree now is lacking much of the religious relevance it once did, there is no doubt that it has become an unwavering symbol of seasonal cheer.

The baubles created by German company Orike Muth pay homage to this rich history. Each handmade bauble is complete with a unique face and bespoke colour-way. With designs such as angels, sleigh riders, deer and ice princesses, what could be more festive? And if you can’t decide what motif to complete your ornament with, Orike Muth are happy to surprise you…  As festive ornaments have done for many years, these unique baubles will certainly make for a very Merry Christmas.

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