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If you live in London and leave this very minute you might have a chance to see Decorex in its new location of Syon Park. The rush would be worth it as you'll catch innovative features such as the showstopping entrance of eight contemporary scenes, curated by exhibitors and influential designers, which take visitors on a modern journey through Hogarth's Rake's Progress. adam_nathaniel_furmanblog   But let's be honest you're probably not going to race to over to Brentford and there lies the beauty of the internet. You stay where you are and we bring you the best in show... This year that job was made easier by design critic Corinne Julius who gathered together contemporary artists whose work can be classed as heirlooms of the future. The Future Heritage section included ceramics and glass, metalwork, textiles and furniture, and explored traditional and new technologies and materials.  The vibrant work of Jennie Moncur was eye catching confirmation of a growing Tapestry renaissance and Adam Nathaniel Furman's candy coloured ceramics proved strong colour was not just for textiles. Finecellblog Innovative charity Fine Cell Work continue to demonstrate that it is possible to make products for a good cause that people will actually want to buy – it sounds easy but they are one of a tiny handful of public spirited organisations that consistently hit the mark. Their striking new collection of needlework cushions is a collaboration with Ben Pentreath & Bridie Hall and demonstrates the duo's shared love of colour and pattern. Ben explained "The geometric patterns of our wrapping papers and books worked beautifully, rescaled in needlepoint; and seeing the skill with which our initial ideas have been translated into reality is a joy. I really hope that others take as much pleasure in their beautiful work, stitched in prison, as we both do”. Retailing at £95, they are the ultimate feel-good purchase. Elsewhere Spina Design's latest collection, inspired by a French antique, combines traditional chandelier making with Spina's exquisite passementerie techniques. The result, a riot of flowers and gem-like beads, is a glorious renunciation of practicality and minimalism. It might be the first day of autumn but Decorex offered all the delights of Spring...

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