Kobi Levi’s shoes are not your average footwear. Starting out making cardboard shoes as a child, the Israeli designer’s creations have now graced the feet of none other than Lady Gaga – a woman known for her extravagant and unusual outfits.

Unusual is certainly an apt description for Levi’s shoes; from champagne bottles to xylophones, a whole host of peculiar items have inspired his designs. Levi begins designing each shoe on the computer, which is never a simple task as his pieces are each completely different and require complex engineering. Once the design is complete, he’ll make a prototype in order to test the design and see how it will look when finished. When he is happy with the design, he can begin to make the final product.

Levi’s shoes challenge the standard definitions of design and fashion, occupying a crossroads between footwear and sculpture. Ever since Levi launched his blog back in 2010, where he uploaded photos of his designs for all the world to see, he has gained a massive following. The humour, creativity and top-quality design evident in Levi’s shoes have captured the imaginations of many, and he now sells a limited number of his unique shoes from his studio in Tel Aviv, Israel.

One pair of Levi’s shoes can cost upwards of $1000, however it is possible to see them in the flesh without having to fork out a fortune. This summer, Levi shoes will feature in The World is Your Dressing Up Box: an exhibition at The National Centre for Craft and Design. This exhibition celebrates extravagant opulence and the art of dressing up, displaying a mix of items that can be tried on and items that can only be admired. The creators behind the exhibits include fashion powerhouses, fashion and costume graduates, and many other designers from around the world. 

The World is Your Dressing Up Box

National Centre for Craft and Design
Sat 22 July - Sun 8 October 2017

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