Editor Beth Smith's Spring Fair Selection


I'm a little unwilling to examine my love of fancy dress in any great depth (although I did write about costume in Issue 25). I don't know why the thought of donning an embroidered grey rabbit head dress fills me with glee but the minute I saw Sara Lowes' costumes and props I knew I wanted one. bb548c_970eb0826f434df0bf21123a157ea0be.jpg_srb_p_600_399_75_22_0.50_1.20_0And I'm not alone, although many of the lovely images of Sara's work capture children at play there's also a couple on their wedding day – she's a giraffe, he's a fox and they look like a match made in zoological heaven.



But sadly life's not all badgers and black swans. Reality intrudes when you realise the storage options in a bird suit are just so limited. Doe Handcrafted softens the transition back to to the real world with a tempting range of leather goods. Simple, down-to-earth and eminently practical – there's something wholesome about Hannah VanLom's designs which she creates by hand in Portland, Oregon. Top of my wish list is the half moon clutch, though the rounded tote is lovely and the queen city tote looks effortlessly stylish... decisions, decisions – it seems even practicality has its problems. DOE HANDCRAFTED, STALL NO. B24
, fiona1 Fiona Petheram manages to walk the line between romance and practicality by crafting jewellery that's made from sea glass she finds along the coastlines of Suffolk, Spain and The Isles of Scilly. Even though in my dreams I'd like to wear a rabbit headdress I often find jewellery difficult to pull off so the understated designs are very appealing. Combined with semi-precious stones, precious metals, silk and leather the time-worn glass has a quality all its own.  "Whatever its age and origin, sea glass began its journey from something that was once discarded, maybe hundreds of years ago or only last summer. So there is a real pleasure in collecting and recycling it into beautiful and wearable pieces." explains Fiona. DRIFT JEWELLERY, STALL NO. B2
, Advance tickets £5 (on the door price £7.50) The Selvedge Spring Fair, 25 April 11-5 Chelsea Old Town Hall, King’s Road, London, SW3 5EE  

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