I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be publishing this blog post. The process of digitising every issue of Selvedge since it began in 2004 has literally taken months and at times has been rather torturous. HOWEVER, it has been completely worth it because now every single issue can be bought digitally, which means that no matter how old the issue is, you can flick through its pages any time and anywhere. Large-SELVEDGE-62---DIGITAL-1Large-Cover43Large-SV63-4800px Available either as an individual issue – brilliant if you're filling in any out-of-print gaps in your collection or conducting some specific research and need a quick and easily accessible copy – or as a full subscription – perfect if you're wondering whether you'll be able to squeeze the next issue into your book shelf. Untitled1UntitledUntitled2 It is brand new – and I am no digital genius – so there may well be a few teething problems. If you come across any snags in the system, do please let us know, your opinions are hugely valuable to us.


All digital issues are £9.95 individually. A digital subscription begins from £39.95.

Please note that our digital editions run on Flash and are not yet compatible with ipads or iphones.

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