More and more these days we’re seeing creative organisations blend together their love of retail, studio, library and workshop spaces. Turning many artists, designers, makers and publishers dreams into single entities, this often results in many rich cultural pockets to be discovered in cities all over the world. With a shop-slash-office-slash-workshop-studio here at Selvedge, we’re no exception, and we’ve found another organisation that basks in the glory of the artistic medley: OPENstudio79, in Mallorca. Ravelry+OPENstudio79 Born from a desire to promote her local community’s creativity, Tania Sarasa set up shop a few years ago in the picturesque neighbourhood of Santa Catalina, Palma. “This place has a very authentic flair,” she explains, “and there’s an old fisherman’s village here with surrounding restaurants and bars – the streets always feel so alive.” It’s this sense of energy that she brings to OPENstudio79, where her love of the city is blended with her love of textiles. openstudio79_cocoi-20-1697x2400 Selling a carefully curated selection of natural textiles, Tania’s creative-hub is filled with all kinds of crafts from ceramics to textile art, wall hangings, illustrations and magazines. At the moment she’s also in the process of launching her own line of goods under the brand name of Purl & Poem, specialising in yarns hand-spun by Tania herself. Tatiana Openstudio79 A reader of Selvedge magazine for many years, she tells us why she now carries it in-store. “I love inspiring magazines… Selvedge is beautiful and it’s where I go to get inspired by other artists and projects in the textile community.” Given that OPENstudio79 so closely reflects our love of merging many creative outlets, we’re delighted to be a part of Tania’s ever-evolving creative hub. openstudio79_cocoi-26-1600x2400

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