Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our devoted readers across the world! Whether you're celebrating the holiday with friends overseas or sitting down to dinner with the whole family at home, we’re giving thanks to all of our readers this year for continuing to support Selvedge magazine. To show our appreciation, we’ve put together a collection of gift subscriptions and dry goods for all of our followers to enjoy with a special 20% discount. Just enter the code THANKSGIVING at the checkout to receive your special offer on any of our products in the Thanksgiving Offers Collection.

It wouldn’t feel right not to include Canada’s own collectable Hudson’s Bay Blankets in this festive offer. Established in the 18th century, Hudson’s Bay woollen blankets quickly became a textile typically traded to First Nations in exchange for beaver pelts. With a remarkable ability to keep the heat in even when wet, Hudson’s Bay blankets fast became popular with Native American peoples who, often facing cold weather, traded moccasins, bison and deer skins for them among other trade goods. Today, the Hudson's Bay blanket is an outright cultural icon.

A feature that makes these blankets so highly collectable across the world today, of course, is their point value system – a small series of thin black lines typically sewn into each blanket’s surface, just above the bottom set of its trademark green, yellow and red stripes. These thin lines indicate the blanket’s overall size and are designed to be viewable when the blanket is folded, making it easy to choose the right one for whichever occasion calls for it.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving far and wide this year, we like to think that many of our readers around the world will be cosying up with these timeless blankets, sharing the warmth with loved ones over the festive season. Happy Thanksgiving!

You can view our collection of Gift Subscriptions, Hudson's Bay Blankets and much more on offer here.

Enter the code THANKSGIVING at the checkout to receive a special 20% off your purchase.

'Lost In The Woods', Moose With Hudson's Bay Blankets painting by Jeff Molloy.

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