Goodbye Grace and Welcome Niamh


As many of you may have seen in the Decorative issue of Selvedge, we have been looking for an editorial assistant to begin in the new year. We have, after meeting many, many promising candidates found someone for the position. It was a very difficult decision to make, however one applicant stood out from the rest. We are very excited to welcome to Niamh McCooey to the Selvedge team.

Large-SV65-305MMLarge-SV66-305MMpage-000001-7 When we re-open in the new year – on 4 January – I will have moved on from Selvedge and Niamh will have begun. Please contact Niamh with any blog or editorial enquiries. Her email address is: (although she will also be receiving any emails sent to my old account). page-000001-6page-000001-3page-000001-2 It has been an absolute pleasure editing the magazine with Polly Leonard and getting the daily blog off the ground. I am extremely proud of all of the issues and online editorial I have had the chance to contribute to and I hope that you have enjoyed being a part of Selvedge as much as I have. page-000001-1page-000001Large-SV-75

Although I will be in Lyon, France, I plan to stay within the textiles/publishing world – so if there is ever anything that you think might be of interest do send me an email, I would love to stay in touch. My personal email address is

Best wishes for the coming new year and congratulations to Niamh!

Grace Warde-Aldam

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  • chantal .vanneste on

    Sincere congratulations to Niamh and thanks to Grace.

    I wish both a brilliant carreer in their new occupations and that day by day they experience as much joy and satisfaction as I do when reading Selvedge, its blog and newsletters. They inspire me and colour my day..
    I am sure that many readers think the same.

    Warm regards


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