Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair


With the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair looming (6-9 October) we asked some of this year's talented exhibitors why craft fairs are such a valuable opportunity for them. "Craft Fairs are the highlight of my year. They allow me to interact with my customers, gain feedback and essentially market my business to a new audience. I rely on these events to learn how I can improve and develop my business to meet the needs of my customers." – Sian O'Doherty of sianodohertyim5 "Craft fairs are an amazing opportunity in my life as a maker as they help bring focus and purpose to my process of making. They give me a chance to expose my work to a large audience and to receive feedback from customers and industry professionals. This regularly presents new and exciting opportunities and allows me to experiment and diversify my work further. Craft fairs also provide an incredible supportive network of other makers displaying their work, I often find their experiences and advice the most invaluable aspect of showcasing my products." – Lydia Cotterell of lydiamary1jpeg "Craft Fairs are a fantastic opportunity for me to engage with my target audience. The relaxed, un-pressured atmosphere allows me to access honest, very specific feedback from visitors. At the same time, the public get a very clear message that my work and myself are inextricably linked, and I get the opportunity to make memorable impressions. This last point is so important for makers of high end (high price tag) Craft, such as my exclusive handwoven rugs, as I find many of my clients remember me when looking for a piece for a very special occasion, sometimes years after meeting at a prestigious Craft Fair." – Angie drd Make sure to visit this year's Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair to meet Sian, Lydia and Angie as well as a host of other designer-makers. 6-9 October

Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair, Old Granada Studios, Manchester

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