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"Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality not quantity. Everybody is buying far too many clothes." - Vivienne Westwood, 2013. It was with this thought that the brief for Hand & Lock's prestigious prize 2016, 'Objects of Desire/Artist Heirloom' was inspired. IMG_7844 Last week the competition was judged and a total of twelve prizes were given. While each winner and runner up received a selection of prizes - including A commemorative framed hand embroidered plaque produced by Hand & Lock's skilled craftsmen, Tickets to any Fashion & Textile Museum exhibition, A years subscription to Selvedge magazineA work placement and weekend course at Hand & Lock - winners of the The Wilcom Institutional Prize were awarded £6000 of embroidery software along with training and support. And winners of The Gold and Silver Wyre Drawer Award received £1000. [embed][/embed]   Emma Cassi (whose work is illustrated here) won the Textile Art Open category. Having been mentored by Polly Leonard, the Selvedge office couldn't help but be thrilled on her behalf. To enter next year's competition, the brief of which is 'Celebration', make sure to visit Hand & Lock's website.  

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