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In issue 27 we asked you to turn off your tumble-dryer. It might seem like a lot to ask but the advantages are clear. An electric tumble-dryer is one of the largest energy consuming devices in the home, accounting for a massive 4.3% of the UK's entire domestic energy consumption. We're hoping that by acting together Selvedge readers can make a real difference so please let us know if you've decided to abandon your tumble-dryer in favour of Mother Nature...

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  • Pips on

    ‘Hang it out’ is a great idea. I don’t own a tumble dryer though – it’s the washing line or airer for me!

  • suzani arnold on

    i am hoping that this great article and the fabulous photos will inspire more people to hang out their clothes,,,we also have lines in out basement so air drying is possible all year,,and in all weather.AND because the planet also seems to be running out of water,,we shower standing in 5 gallon buckets, then recycle the water in the garden,,or the clothes washer!!

  • Ellsea on

    I’m signing up to give it a try – and with 3 young children, that’s going to be no mean feat when the weather’s awful.

  • Sarah Wilberforce on

    For a year now I have had a ceiling airer and a collapsible outdoor dryer. Consequently there is virtually no ironing of shirts, the wind does it for you. The gorgeous smell reminds me of my childhood wash days – always on a monday!

  • Julie Shackleton on

    I don’t own a tumble drier. I invested in a good old fashioned washing line and love the smell and feel of washing that’s been hung out. Is this as age thing? I’m 48 and was taught the art of pegging out by my mum. I even have a drying line across the stairwell to catch all the rising heat from the house. Looks kind of messy, but totally free.

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