Home Front Vintage is a company that shares our love of textiles and marries it with an intense love of history. For years now this company has been making a name for itself by sourcing original escape maps from the first and second world wars, and using them as material for clothing. From bow ties to scarves, dresses and brooches along with soft furnishings for home interiors such as pillows and lampshades to name a few products, Home Front Vintage breathes a second life into these peculiar historic artefacts, transforming bygone maps into contemporary decoration. Home-Front-Vintage++escape+and+evade+map+new+lavender+bags These silk escape maps were originally the invention of one British army officer named Clayton Hutton. After persuading Bartholomew’s map-making company to waive their copyright on maps to aid the war effort, Hutton had a huge selection of maps printed onto pure silk, and his plan was to give one to each soldier going off to war. The silk fabric was key to his idea; he considered it perfectly foldable and scrunchable, able to fit inside the smallest of pockets or tight fitting boots completely rustle-free, ensuring that no soldier was discovered by an enemy as he silently tried to find his way home. Some say that these silk maps are even still in use today. Vintage+Map+escape+and+evade+scarf+Italy Sourced from old British army officers, the maps were issued to the RAF and Special Forces throughout World War 2 and into the beginnings of the Cold War. Some of these scarves were even smuggled into prisoner of war camps with the goal of helping troops find their ways back home—however it's difficult to say how many of these scarves actually served their desired purpose. Their function nowadays however is as clear as day. For people who have a fascination with history and a flair for fashion, Home Front Vintage use these maps to commemorate the past in a niche and passionate way; through fashion. Home-front-vintage-maps        

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  • suzy f roth on

    How very cool! both for the original intent and the fashion results

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