Certain combinations are classic: they endure because they complement and strike the perfect balance. Built into the Sorrento coastline, the Hotel Parco Dei Principi is a flawless blend of natural beauty and human invention. This haven of timeless elegance was designed by Italian architect Gio Ponti on land that passed from the Order of the Jesuits to the King of Naples, Ferdinand IV of Bourbon and then to Roberto Fernandes.

Style is in the bones of this building and on the surface too – Gio Ponti's abstract description of the location; ‘Blue sky, blue sea, blue islands, blue majolicas, green plants, roses at the princess's feet, a dancer's footprints,’ translates in reality into room after room of blue and white (that classic combination), tiled spaces, airy views across the ocean and clean, simple lines.

And although a writer never wants to repeat words, exactly the same ones apply to the collection by Italian designer Daniela Gregis, Celeste S/S 2015. These designs shun the idea of change for the sake of change and clings defiantly to signature colours, textures and shapes that shine in the light. Delicate dye effects create the impression of the sun on waves. Sky blue cotton, azure linen and midnight silk are draped in fuss-free, fluid shapes. Cloth is cleverly gathered and tucked – tailoring is minimal.

Who could fail to look beautiful in clothes this comfortable? Our models, fashion legend Benedetta Barzini and Daniela’s house model Aira Ghirardini, were chosen for their spirit and individuality. But together they prove the designer’s dictate that ‘age is not relevant’ when it comes to beauty.

This article by Beth Smith was first published in Selvedge issue 64. Order your copy here.

Photography by Sara Kerens

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