In Conversation With Ruth Singer

Last week, our own founder Polly Leonard interviewed textile artist Ruth Singer in an 'In Conversation' event at Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre. Ruth spoke about her latest exhibition, Textile Traces, which opened on 25 May at the Arts Centre and has already attracted a great deal of enthusiastic visitors. You can listen to the 45-minute interview here.

This exhibition brings together Ruth’s work exploring human experience expressed through thoughtful and emotionally engaged textile making. Her subtle and delicate work references loss, memory, fragility and damage in both the cloth itself and in our personal lives. Ruth creates pieces with a sense of history and a look of antiques but with a powerful contemporary story.

Ruth also makes delicate and precious pincushions from antique and hand embroidered scraps of fine cloth as memorials and reminders of people and places. She will be giving a workshop on pin cushion-making next month at the Artworkers Guild, where she will guide participants to make their own tiny treasures using precious scraps plus antique fragments and personal details. For more information and to book your place, click here

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  • kathryn glowen on

    Ruth is bringing forward all the wonderful memories of the past to mix with now, and the future of objects that contain more than the objects represent. The viewer in their mind can create their own visuals, memories and stories, so the web grows.

  • Cas Holmes on

    Always have admiration for Ruth Singer’s sensitivity to materials and her equal commitment to community.

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