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Annaloom was founded in 2013 by Scottish textile designer Anna-Louise Meynell. The collection of handwoven textiles celebrates the enticing fabrics and fibres of the Asian continent, blending traditional handloom techniques with the distinctive Annaloom aesthetic. The ethos of the brand is to support hand weavers through collaborative development of contemporary yet timeless textiles. Annaloom Interiors Anna-Louise has been working as a textile designer in Asia since 2005, in jacquard design for high-end interiors, as a consultant in grassroots hand-weaving organisations, and as a designer for exquisite hand-weave companies working with leading interior designers. Her passion for the hand-made and respect for the skill of traditional artisans is the driving force behind Annaloom. Each consultancy is a hands-on and immersive period of work, a source of inspiration that feeds into Annaloom in many ways. Shakti_jamdani detail Unique and Sustainable fibres Eri silk from North East India - also known as ‘peace silk’ for the non-violent method of extracting the silk without harming the worm. This fascinating fibre and naturally dyed hand woven textile is rich and rustic with an uneven slubby texture. Rimjhim indigo aAurora_rainbow Traditional Techniques The handloom technique of Jamdani is a favourite in the Annaloom collection. This highly skilled and time-consuming technique lends itself beautifully to contemporary geometric designs. The pattern is created freehand as the cloth is woven, by the weaver counting warp threads for accuracy of design execution. Weaves of Cambodia Social Impact The fine silk range of the Chroma and the Aurora scarves, are woven by a group of weavers who are survivors of land mine accidents. The social consequences of land mines have deeply affected Cambodian lives, and vocational training in weaving has provided a positive livelihood alternative for many of the disabled. Anna-Louise has been working as a textile consultant with this group since 2007. Avani_throw_indigoAvani_throw_turmeric 1 Make sure to visit Anna-Louise at the Annaloom stall, along with a carefully chosen collection of others at our Maker’s Fair next Saturday.

3 December.

St Augustine’s Church Hall, Highgate, London N6 5BB

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