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This intriguing sign stopped me in my tracks on Warren Street. Shielded from the street by a curtain of bamboo, the serene store come gallery is originally merchandised on a series of staircases and landings. When I asked Carin Mansfield the proprietor of this tiny store about her signage, her sense of humour assured me that customers would not leave the shop naked - going on to comment that not enough people care or even ask what Made in England really means. After a twenty year career woking with some of the best stores in the world alongside designers Rei Kawakubo, Paul Harnden, 45 rpm and Daniela Gregis, Carin has decided to go it alone. Read more about Carin in Selvedge issue 23 [caption id="attachment_8287" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Vlisco dresses and jute slippers Vlisco dresses and jute slippers[/caption] Her store is stocked with a range of simple, well cut shapes in good fabrics, all exquisitely made and finished with age old techniques that ensures longevity.  Going it alone enables Carin to sell at a price that is comfortable for her and her customers. There is something here for everyone. Her collections are not seasonal, but  evolve through the calendar according to the weather.  She had heavy cottons, as well as,  wools in early September and a few light cotton dresses that caught my eye. These were made from Vlisco Dutch wax print - which is notoriously difficult to work into western shapes because the fabric comes in pre cut nine yard lengths and shrinks. But most of all the complex patterns are extremely difficult to match. Read more about Vlicso fabric is Selvedge issue 50 I also loved her plaited jute slippers from Bangladesh and some delicate knits produced by the Corgi mill  Carmarthenshire, Wales. Read more about corgi in Selvedge issue 31 [caption id="attachment_8292" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Carin Mansfild and her Shop, In-Ku Carin Mansfild and her Shop, in-ku[/caption] Needless to say I left with a divine indigo dress inspired by an African tunic with 18 panels each one individually hand finished with a french seam, top stitching and a bound hem. 6 meter of fabric put to very good use. in-ku  15a Warren Street • London W1T 5LN t: +44 (0)20 7388 6168 Carin is in the store every Wednesday 10-6 and her capable assistant Maryam is on hand on Thursday and Saturday 10-6

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  • Kellie Rohner on

    Is there a way to buy your products online or somewhere in the US? Or maybe even opening a store here. Let me know if this is something that you are interested in doing.


  • tanya mccallin on

    Divine – will come and find you

  • Grace Warde-Aldam on

    Hi Kellie,

    Yes! Click through to our online store – where you can view and purchase all of our stock.

    Here is a link to it:

  • Kathy Freeman on

    I am interested in this clothing. Especially the dresses. I live in the USA. I wear a size 10-12 and I am about 5’4". Can you help me? Thanks, no rush.

  • Ann Haynes on

    I live on the West Coast of America, can I buy any of Carin’s clothes online?

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