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Guest blog post Jules Hogan is a knitwear designer for people who like to make a quiet statement with gifts, fashion and home accessories. Jules-Hogan-29.9.1617281Jules-Hogan-29.9.1617278 Beautifully crafted with a subtle colour palette, the finest materials are used including lambs wool sourced from a family mill that has been spinning yarn in Scotland since 1766. "I have a commitment to quality and all of the collection is British made and most of the range is knitted and hand finished in my garden studio in Berkshire." Jules-Hogan-29.9.1617283Jules-Hogan-29.9.1617288 "My studio and creative haven is near to countryside and open fields. I am inspired by this landscape but also drawn to tradition, sea-views, striping and re-worked Fair Isle patterning, updating them with the use of colour." Jules-Hogan-Horizon-Pixel-Cushions-Horizon-Throw With an attention to detail the fabric for many of the pieces is produced on a reconditioned knitting machine. It is then pressed, carefully washed to slightly felt, dried and pressed again to make each individual item, resulting in a premium hand finished product.

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  • Grace Warde-Aldam on

    Hello Adamandia, I believe that it is a latch needle – good for looping!

  • Adamandia Kapsalis on

    What kind of hook is that in the first photograph? I don’t think I’ve seen that before.

  • Sue Boulding on

    It looks very like a knitting machine ‘needle’. You can buy them from any knitting machine stockist, but better still are the hook tools which have a handle; these are used to transfer stitches on a knitting machine.

  • Pam manning on

    Hi, the hook being used is the same as I have on my antique sock knitting machine :)

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