Julie Arkell at The Selvedge Artisan Fair

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Folk artist Julie Arkell has created a world of whimsical beings for us to enjoy. Large-Selvedge-Drygoods128Large-Selvedge-Drygoods53 Inspired by her daydreams each quirky creature she makes takes at least two weeks as there are many drying stages in between the layering of papier mâché. Interestingly the inside of her playful sculptures is made entirely from pages of The Guardian newspaper, whilst the outside is covered in pre-1950's literature that Julie picks up from various second hand book stores. Large-SVDG- 230216-2Large-rabit After the figure is fully crafted they are dressed in made- to- measure hand sewn, embroidered or knitted clothes and all of them have a little quote or line of embroidered literature attached to them. juliearkell2 Julie Arkell and her mysterious and magical creatures are joining us for this year's Selvedge Summer Fair. Join us and meet the makers that hand craft some truly extraordinary things. SF_BANNER  

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