Lines of Thought with Michael Brennand-Wood

Michael Brennand-Wood is a visual artist, curator, lecturer and arts consultant.

Michael works with conceptual styles and explores three dimensional line, structure and pattern... 'He has persistently worked within contested areas of textile practice, embroidery, pattern, lace and recently floral imagery. Sites, which offer unbroken traditions, cross cultural interventions and a freedom to work outside the mainstream. He believes that the most innovative contemporary textiles emanate from an assured understanding of both textile technique and history.'

Michael has held exhibitions and taught all over the world since the 70's and he is renowned in his field for his bold, colourful and innovative approach to textiles. 

This July Michael will be hosting a workshop with Selvedge. 

This one-day workshop will focus on the creation of a bespoke collection of three-dimensional lines and threads. Participants will create a personal vocabulary of expressive linear experiments that may well become part of future works. Technically we will look at twisting, binding, joining, collage, elasticity, knotting and tension. Conceptual sources will include references to selected artists who’s work has a distinctive linear approach, object writing, calligraphy, ideograms, graphic scores and rhythmic imagery derived from the musical and natural world.

Participants will be encouraged to develop original solutions in relation to the core aims of the workshop; this is not a technical or prescriptive course.  Emphasis will be placed on the investigation and research of personal imagery and the development of related technical innovation, ideas that can be developed at a later stage. 

13 July 2019, Lines of Thought: 3-D Threads for Textiles with Michael Brennand-Wood, The Artworkers Guild, London, UK

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