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It's that time of year again and here at Selvedge we are looking forward to visiting MADE LONDON where we hope to see a collection of contemporary craft and design from across Britain curated by Jon Tutton and Sarah Young. The show opens tomorrow at One Marylebone, a beautiful old Georgian Holy Trinity church, providing a wonderful, quirky space for the designers and makers, including a few of our favourites... Clare Moynihan Hornet BallHikaru Noguchi AW1213kimono & wabi sabi brooch 1 Above: Clare Moynihan: Hornet Ball, Hiraku Noguchi: AW12-13 knitted ties, Mariko Sumioka: Brooch Clare Moynihan's love of the natural world translates into her intricate hand embroidered, three dimensional insects made from locally sourced alpaca wool. Moynihan experiments with her embroidery techniques and materials to create her contemporary collection of insects. A diverse range of textures, colour and styles, Hiraku Noguchi creates beautiful knitted accessories inspired by flea markets across the globe and the work of Georgioi de Chirico. Mariko Sumioka, interested in and inspired by the relationship and contrast between manmade and natural objects. By experimenting with enamels and materials Sumioka creates a range of contemporary jewellery with linear and geometric themes. With over 5500 visitors each year, and four floors full of designers and makers we hope you'll get the chance to visit the event, talk to and buy directly from the artisans! ML14  

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