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Scented sachets have been used for hundreds of years to fragrance the home, freshen linens, chase away moths and aid sleep or relaxation. This scented strawberry looks and smells good enough to eat. Keep it in your lingerie drawer or hang it in the wardrobe if you can bear to shut it away. If not just enjoy it as a room fragrancer, pin cushion or paperweight on your desk. Use natural fabrics as they will not interfere with the scents of the pot pourri inside and with a fine enough weave to stop small pieces escaping. 

Finely crush natural pot pourri, or better still, use dried herbs from the garden. Add extra essential oils of choice and crushed cloves add spice and keep moths at bay. Cut out a simple semi circle in silk. Size depends entirely on what size you would like the finished piece to be. I have gone for a larger than life berry so semi circle approx 15cm. 

Fold right sides together and sew from point to rounded edge. Take a gathering stitch along the top, approximately 5mm from the edge. Fill with your ground pot pourri/herb mixture. Pull tight and finish off. 

Cover the gathered top with a star shape cut from a scrap of green velvet and add a loop of ribbon to hang. To add some sparkle why not sew on tiny gold beads for seeds, or just add some simple yellow or gold stitches instead.

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